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Pumping Classes

For most moms, pumping becomes a part of her breastfeeding journey one way other another. 


It may be something we choose to do,

or something that we have to do.


It may be something we do every day,

or something we do occasionally.

Often times, moms are first introduced to a breast pump in the hospital after baby has been born and is struggling with weight loss, jaundice, low blood sugar, a NICU stay, etc. 

Other times, the first time mom takes her breast pump out of the box is the week before she heads back to work and has no clue how to use it.

Our goal is to teach you the basics of colostrum collection, breast pumps, and milk storage PRENATALLY.

We want you to be feel prepared and confident when it comes to expressing your breastmilk, whether baby needs it at 3 days old or 3 months old.

Join Stephanie, our IBCLC, {former} postpartum nurse, and momma herself, for FREE pump education classes held right here at the office.

Follow us on social media for future class dates.

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