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"We don't guess, we test!" & "Scans dictate the plans"

How many adjustments does it take to get rid of back pain?  Depends... 

Do we care about how you feel? You bet! However, we are more concerned with how you function.  Perhaps, after one adjustment you feel great but did we get to the CAUSE of the pain?  If we didn't remove the cause, then when will that pain be back?  Do you think that pain will be easier on you when it returns? Or did it get worse because the area didn't have time to properly rehabilitate?

You don't have to ask yourself these questions when you are a patient here.

Technique is determined by patient's comfort level.  We respect and honor Informed consent and welcome your input on how you would like to be adjusted.

Goodbye generic advice! Hello gentle listening and effective action steps to reach YOUR goals!

Our lactation services revolve around you (mom) and what you want for your baby.  We take plenty of time to listen during every appointment.  We want to hear about your goals, preconception history, pregnancy, birth, support system, hormones, and feelings!  When moms are heard and supported; that’s when your breastfeeding journey can truly blossom into more than you have dared to hope for. At Begin Well Co. we use our top-notch lactation education, expertise, AND mothering experience to help you tweak the already amazing things you are doing when it comes to breastfeeding! We’re here to give you hope, awareness, options, answers, and action steps! Mama, you make the world go ‘round, we’re here to make sure your baby is well fed and that you are well supported.

Check to See if Your Insurance Completely Covers Your Lactation Care Here:

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