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Dr. Melonie Schoenherr

Thanks for stopping by, I’m Dr. Melonie! I have been an obsessive nerd for as long as I can remember.  This nerdiness revolved around the human body and how amazing it is.  Everything about pregnancy and babies seemed like absolute magic to me and I intentionally designed my life from a very young age to be the kind of MOM and WIFE that I wanted to be. Today, I get to live that dream with my husband and two littles. 


I wanted a career that would teach me how to have the healthiest kids while giving me the freedom to design my workspace, hours and clientele around my priorities - so I became a CHIROPRACTOR.  


At the lowest point of my breastfeeding journey a dairy farmer (who happened to be my dad) gave me better breastfeeding advice than any of the “professionals” I was listening to.  That’s when I decided to become an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant).


Becoming a lactation consultant was not on my to do list.  In fact, it was never a desire of mine.  I didn’t exactly love breastfeeding but it was non-negotiable for me.  It was happening!  My grit ended up producing success and a pretty darn joyful experience and I so badly wanted to make it easier for other moms. A healthy breastfeeding journey is one of the biggest ways we can start a positive cascade of healthy choices that stops so many of the ailments and illnesses that children and adults are dealing with today.


Chiropractic and lactation support make a wonderful marriage because chiropractic care allows us to determine and treat the root cause of latch issues. My dream is that one day every new mom has access to a one-stop-shop where they value well fed babies, well adjusted families, and well supported communities.  So Mama, what are you waiting for? Let’s help you BEGIN WELL.


Haley Sturza, CCLS

Communication and Clinical Lactation Specialist

Hello! I'm Haley.  After I had my son, I came to Begin Well Co for breastfeeding help - and, boy, did I need help!  I was seemingly hitting every breastfeeding roadblock imaginable.  At one of my appointments Dr Melonie mentioned that I would make an amazing lactation consultant, to which I quickly responded, "yeah right, I hate this. Why would I want to teach it?”

Fast forward 6 months I'm now Begin Well Co's associate lactation specialist!  I'm especially passionate about hosting our weekly breastfeeding support group - Well Fed (every Thursday 11-1pm).

When I'm not at Begin Well Co you'll find me hanging out with my husband and son!  You can follow Haley's professional Instagram account here.

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